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24.01.2015 von weckermaus

Tutorial for sending in your self-built houses -
How do I get my house "ready-to-go"?

Download this tutorial as PDF

Created by: Weckermaus - Translation by Savannah

In most cases you build your house and at some point want to send it in (see A.)

Others already know in advance that they want to send in their house (see B.)

In general:

All pictures taken from the house should be 600x450 in size. In the game that´s image size "large". Use the ideal adjustment for graphic and image quality.

Take detailed pictures of everything you used to build/decorate your house. This way you can sort out your downloads easier later on.

What should NOT be packed:

Maxis recolors, fences and roofs that have been made
"basegame compatible". This is declared on most sites.

You´ll have to find these in your download file, copy them and put them in a seperate folder named Extra_Dl_ordner. Place this folder on your desktop. This file will be added seperately to your house package later.

You can, of course, download these items you have used again. This way the readme and pictures belonging to these items will also be packed.

Normal fences and roofs are to be packed.

!!!Make sure that all your downloads are permitted to be used for building and for uploading in your house - most sites do NOT allow this!!!


A. Go into your house and take pictures of all items used to build/decorate. Pack your house. You´ll find the pictures in own files-EA Games-Storytelling.

B. Write down the name and color of the items that have recolors while building your house. If your notes are sufficient you won´t need the detailed pictures. Pack your house when it´s finished.

1. Move all datafiles !!!EXCEPT the CEP!!! into a new folder. Place this folder on your desktop. Now pull your house package out of the "Packaged Lot" file and also put it on your desktop.

2. Now create two new folders in your download folder. Name them: "stays in" and "throw out". You´ll need these later to sort out your downloads.

3. "Open" your house using your CleanInstaller. Klick on "select all files" and then on "install". Wait until you see the message "all files are successfully installed". Close your CleanInstaller.

Check your download folder - every used download including it´s recolor should be in there.

4. Open the CleanInstaller. In the upper right hand corner you´ll see "choose directory", then "downloads". The contents will show and you start sorting out.
You can do this by klicking (right) on the line, a little frame will open, here you go to "move to", then "downloads", and then either to "stays in" or "throw out". The date has now been moved and is not in the CleanInstaller anymore.

4.1 All items named "Game object" (meshes), "Wall", "Floor", "Terrainpaint", "Roof", "Fence" (with the exception of those "basegame compatible" ones) go into your "stays in" folder.

4.2 If you don´t recognize the picture shown by the CleanInstaller take your own pictures for help.
Some items (blinds, curtains) do not have a picture. Write these down and download them again from their original site directly into your "stays in" folder. Put all recolors you didn´t use in the house into your "throw out " folder.

4.3 The only contents of your CleanInsrtaller now should be your CEP - nothing else. Close your CleanInstaller.

5. Put your "throw out" folder on your desktop (just in case you might need it again). Put your Extra_Dl_ordner in your download folder.

6. Go into your house and check if everything is still there. If yes, everything is ok and you´re almost finished. If not, you´ll have to go thru your "throw out" folder again.
-Personaly - to me this is a waste of effort. That´s why I replace all items that don´t show properly with maxis items or downloads available.

Take the pictures that you want to send along with your house. It´s advisable that you take pictures from above so that others can see the floor plan of your house.

Save your game. Pack your house.

7. To rename your pictures: Your "lead" pictures (this one will show as the download picture later) should have your user name and the name of your house. Let´s say for example, that your house name is xyz. Then your "lead" picture should be named: your user name_xyz. All other pictures are named: your user name_xyz_01, your user name_xyz_02, your user name_xyz_03 and so on.
Create a new folder named: your user name_xyz_images. Place your pictures in this folder. NO MORE than 10 pictures.

8. Using the editor, write a small description of the house (lot size and price and a few word about the house). Also mention all Exp.packs and all Acces.packs used/installed while building the house. Give credit do the designers of your downloads and their sites. Name this folder: your user name_xyz_readme.

9. Create a folder named: your user name_xyz
Put your house package, a copy of the readme, and (if existent) the Extra_Dl_ordner in this folder.
Now zip this folder using win.rar or IZArc (free to download at

Now create another folder named: your user name_xyz Put your readme, your picture folder (images) and the zipped data file in this folder.
Zip this folder.

10 Now, wipe that sweat off your forehead - take a deep breath - we´re alomst finished. lol

11. Now you can send your package off per email to:
Put your user name_xyz in the reference line.
!!Don´t forget your zipped data file in your email attachement. ....wink.....


Now just clean up your desktop - delete everything you don´t need anymore. Put your downloads back into your download folder.

It all sounds terribly elaborate and complicated, but the more often this is done and if followed step by step, the easier and faster it gets each time.

Best wishes and lots of fun while building


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